Company Registration

Creating a company in Romania involves a series of mandatory steps, crucial for ensuring the feasibility of your business venture.

These steps must adhere to the legal framework set by the Romanian legal system.

Seeking professional assistance throughout the company formation process not only ensures successful outcomes but also financial security. Our team of Romanian lawyers will guide you through the process, making sure you understand all the legal intricacies and providing tailored advice for your specific situation. We assist clients at every stage of opening a company in Romania.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has allowed us to develop robust strategies, always focused on our clients’ best interests. We provide optimal solutions designed to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges.

Company Formation Romania Whether investors in a Romanian company are residents or foreigners, they all enjoy equal opportunities for conducting economic activities in Romania. All entities, regardless of ownership, operate independently, each having its own assets, management, registered capital, headquarters, and bank accounts. In Romania, there are two common types of companies: joint-stock companies (S.A. – societate pe acţiuni) and limited liability companies (SRL – societate cu răspundere limitată). In the case of an SRL, a foreign company can be the sole owner and hold all shares, while in the case of an SA, there must be at least two shareholders (individuals or legal entities). However, the most frequently used legal form is the SRL. All businesses must be registered with ONRC (the National Trade Register Office – Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and the company comes into existence upon registration. ONRC is a public institution responsible for maintaining statistical information on economic activities. The process of incorporating a company in Romania stipulates that every business must have at least one shareholder for an SRL and two for an SA. Furthermore, one person cannot be the sole associate in more than one company. Shareholders can be either companies or individuals, and they can all be non-Romanians.

OPEN COMPANY ROMANIA – SRL The SRL (limited liability company) is a legal entity with one to 50 associates, based on foundation documents. Those looking to establish a Romanian SRL Company should be aware that the mandatory registered capital for a limited liability company is a minimum of 200 RON. The SRL falls under the regulations of Law 31/1990 and can have a maximum of 50 associates, each with a share of the subscribed capital.

PHYSICAL / VIRTUAL OFFICES BUCHAREST Opting for a virtual office in Bucharest for your Romanian company provides you with the advantages of a prestigious office presence at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional office spaces.

VAT REGISTRATION ROMANIA For business owners to operate securely and legally, certain aspects related to VAT registration must be clarified. Companies’ owners must meet specific conditions if they decide to register for VAT, as outlined in the VAT registration procedure.